Karen Kiener
7721 Main Street
Fishers, New York 14564
cell (585) 398-3776

Welcome to the Cottage Quilter

Example of Karen's Outstanding WorkThe Cottage Quilter is a different kind of machine quilting service, offering not only edge-to-edge quilting, but various forms of heirloom quilting techniques as well. We don't limit your choices to what a computerized machine can do. We achieve some insight about you, the creator, and then implement your intentions of the piece to produce a truly original work of art.

Our focus on your artistic vision will set you at ease about how your quilt will be finished. You’re guaranteed to walk away with a unique piece of artwork that truly reflects the love and dedication you’ve achieved through your craft.

 Karen's work only enhances your creativityWhy choose The Cottage Quilter?

At The Cottage Quilter, we believe that you’ve poured your heart into your quilting project. Doesn’t it deserve stitch work done with just as much care? Here, we don’t place your quilt on a machine and press a few buttons. Our resident artisan, Karen Stanley, takes the time to sit down, talk with you about your work, and then develop a plan to make the most out of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve - a method that sets us apart from the other quilt shop offerings.

Although she does have the option to use computer guided technology, Karen chooses to stitch free hand, using custom and heirloom quilting techniques such as stitch in the ditch, feathers, crosshatching, echo, and individual designs. Karen’s artistic interpretation of your quilt is reflected in the custom stitching she uses, creating a unique piece of artwork that you can truly call your own.